Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Good morning everybody! Happy February! How was your week? For some reason, I spent all week thinking it was a different day than it was. But I still got everything done and my Pink Champagne birthday cake is ready and waiting for it’s debut tonight. (No, the cake above is not mine.)

So this week I kind of had a revelation. I’ve made all these goals for the year like baking and house projects and I realized, I’m just dying to do something with my hands. Create something that somehow makes our lives better or prettier or sweeter. Having the jobs I do, I spend a lot of time tapping at a keyboard. And suddenly, after a couple simple projects last year and a couple good bakes, I’m looking for more DIYs and recipes. All getting my hands doing something other than serving screen time. Anyway, if you come across any recipes or projects that make you think of me, send them my way!

Okay, weekending. My birthday is tomorrow! We’re celebrating with my family tonight and I have no idea what tomorrow holds. It’s all in my husband’s capable hands. Then Sunday, I have no doubt that we’ll find a Super Bowl party to go to. We only go for the food so it’ll be fun. What are you up to this weekend?

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Have a good one!

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