What We're Eating

What We’re Eating

Good morning! Who else is hugging the window, soaking up this beautiful sun? Seriously, I sat in my car at the grocery last week just because the sun was out for a minute. We don’t get a lot of rays this time of year. However yesterday was gorgeous which made up for the past week. Did you have a good weekend? Dearest Carl worked on the bathroom and I worked on the blog and we ordered pizza and watched Robin Hood. Also, a baking banana cake is one of the best smells EVER. Spending the weekend nice and cozy at home is my favorite.

This week, we’re down to the pantry dredges you guys. Always happens the last week of the month. But thankfully I have some good food stashed in the freezer so we won’t be eating ramen all week. Though with my new favorite ramen recipe, I wouldn’t mind. And we always have cake these days so I can’t complain!

Monday: Shepherd’s Pie
Tuesday: In The Pantry
Wednesday: Date Night!
Thursday: Ravioli
Friday: Buttermilk Waffles

What’s coming out of your kitchen this week?

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