The Watkins At Home In February

How can February be over already?! While we’ve had a serious lack of sun this month, there’s been a good ratio of flowers and coffee to fend off the gloom. Here’s a what’s been happening at our house.


I do love when there is house progress to report. You know that I painted my kitchen last month. Well, Dearest Carl put up my open shelves this month!! It’s been a dream of mine to replace a strange corner cabinet with them since we moved in and now that we have, I literally do a happy dance every time I walk into my kitchen.

About the bathroom, Dearest Carl has put a ton of hours into it this month and it’s starting to come together! The sink is mounted where it’s supposed to go, the drywall is up and spackled and he just finished tiling the shower last weekend (just tile, no grout yet). I’m hopeful that we’ll have a finished bathroom next month!


I can report four more delicious cakes this month. The above is called Wacky Cake and it was one of my favorites. In my cookbook, you combine all the dry ingredients in one bowl, the wet ingredients in another, mix them together and bake. It was the easiest thing and after the Pink Champagne cake that took all day to make, it was nice to have a simple chocolate cake. I will definitely be keeping this recipe in my back pocket for surprise guests and quick bakes.

If you’ve been keeping up with my Monday menus, you may have noticed the advent of Asian food in them. Since I love Asian food so much, I decided I really should learn to make some good recipes at home. So I splurged and bought all the main Asian sauces and I’ve been making things like crazy. Egg Drop Ramen has become a staple to my lunch menu these days. Also, we really enjoyed this Fried Rice. The first time I make something new, it usually takes me a while since I’m not familiar with the recipe, but this fried rice took me 20 minutes right out of the gate. I know that as we become friends, I’ll get even faster which makes me happy. Everybody should have a good Fried Rice recipe that they can whip together on those nights where you’re eating and running.


A couple things happened this month. I turned 26! Dearest Carl planned activities for the whole day on my birthday and we had a fun time scampering around the city together, smelling candles, looking through books and drinking wine. We also had parties with both sides of the family, both of which I made cakes for obviously.

Two weeks ago, I scored this book from my wishlist for $10! I’m looking forward to digging into it. Also, I’ve been listening to these banjos lately. Sometimes it makes me feel all down homey and some days I just feel like Chris Traeger. And speaking TV shows, we finally finished That 70’s Show this month! Not gonna lie, I’m a little bit sad to let the gang go. But I’m kinda always somewhere in the middle of Parks and Rec so Andy and April should help me survive.

Random things: We went to a Murder Mystery party with our small group (feather boa and all) and solved the crime. We had a few friends over for gumbo poutine and Cajun Lemonade. We watched The Hunt for Red October on Valentine’s Day. We attended a marriage dinner at our church.

On the baby front, we had an appointment with Dearest Carl’s doctor this month. Long story short, there are some things we need to fine tune and hopefully we’ll see results in three to six months. Some days I’m so thankful we’re moving forward and some days I’m too desperately impatient for my own good. It’s definitely been making me live out “trust and obey”.

That’s about all I have for you this month. I’m so ready for sunshine and spring but being Indy, I know we’ll probably have to wait another month for that. At least I get to start garden planning!

Hope your February was as good as ours!

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