What We're Eating

What We’re Eating

Good morning! I hope you got to sleep in a little bit this morning. This end of the time change is killer. How was your weekend? Mine definitely did not go as planned. I came down with a nasty cold that kept me home Friday night and on the couch as much as the rest of the weekend would allow. So I read some chapters and put in some Minecraft hours and we rented The Man Who Invented Christmas from Redbox. In the end, it wasn’t too bad and I filled Dearest Carl’s cookie jar and made my Sunday cake! I’m satisfied.

What are you cooking this week? We have a nice mix of nostalgic recipes and summer dishes. I switched my In The Pantry day this week since we have some Mexican leftovers that need to be eaten. Also, St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday so we’re having Dublin Coddle! And don’t forget a good thick slice of Irish Soda bread!

Monday: In The Pantry
Tuesday: Crock Pot Chili
Wednesday: Eggs and Bacon
Thursday: BLT Salad
Friday: Brie Grilled Cheese and Chips

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