You know the feeling when you find an artist that is just completely what you need at that moment? Lately I’ve been obsessed with Jess Ray. I found her last year and at first I wasn’t a fan… but I tried again last month, just because I’m that kind of person, and I’m smitten. Her album, Pull The Stars From The Sky, has been basically on repeat. There’s just something about it. It’s soul centering, mind filling, heart calming. Her music just feels like true authentic worship. I’ve been recommending her to everyone lately.

In particular, her song Say You Will hit me hard. If there was a song written for me, right now in this infertility journey of mine, it’s this one. It gave words to my thoughts, feelings and prayers about it. And I just had to share it because it’s so good and I think many can relate, no matter what your prayer is. So give it a listen. Give her whole album a listen!

Years are short and days are long
I would have never thought that on the fifth year, we would be here
The moment when this all began, I left who I was for who I am
And would never go back again

Thread of joy through needles of disappointment, woven in
but if i could go back and I had the choice and I had the chance,
I wouldn’t change it, or trade it in

I am like the shifting sand, the tides that roll out and in
I’m fickle and foolish.
But you are my giving tree, with roots a million miles beneath,
Secure and steady

One step i’m strong the next I’m weak
One step in faith, the next unbelief
But you, you are divine, endlessly kind and never surprised by me

Will you return what was stolen? Say you will, say you will
Will you not come and revive us again? Say you will, say you will
Will we reap what we have sown in tears? Say we will, say we will
Will you restored the wasted years? You will, Say you will.

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