Spring Self-Care for the Busy and Broke

The other week, I had to explain to my husband was self care was. While it’s a big topic on the internet with hundreds of articles, all encouraging us to practice self care, it’s hard to live out in real life because real life sometimes doesn’t cooperate. There’s always one more chore that needs doing instead of reading that book. There’s another monthly expense instead of going for a mani. Our time and money are constantly pulled in so many directions that self care gets pushed to the bottom of the list. But I’ve come to believe that self care doesn’t have to be incredibly indulgent. With just a little bit of time and money, you can give yourself the soul filling rest you need. The first day of spring was two days ago so here are a few ways you can practice self care when you’re busy and broke this season.

  • Get a stack of books from the library and read in the sun. Outside or by the window.
  • Pick up some flower seeds from the dollar store. Just a couple dollars for colorful happiness.
  • Take your lunch to the park. Fresh air for fifteen minutes is better than zero minutes.
  • Put on a dress. That flowy one with no sleeves.
  • Bake some cookies with the ingredients in your pantry. No store run, just creativity.
  • Shop your house for spring decor. Anything green will do.
  • Listen to a new podcast while you cook dinner. Headphones in while you stir away.
  • Put lemon in your water. Everybody says it’s a good combination.
  • Go for a walk in your neighborhood. Without your phone.
  • Frame a favorite poem or lyric by your bed. Start off the day in a good mood.
  • Try a new hairstyle. Heat up the curling iron and dump out the bobby pins.
  • Paint your nails. Fingers and toes in that forgotten favorite color.
  • Finish one project. The one that’s been on your mind, that you have everything to complete.
  • Diffuse a new blend. Something fresh and floral.

What’s an indulgence you’re looking forward to this spring?

Image via Style Me Pretty

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