Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Phew what a week! Anyone else glad it’s finally Friday? We packed this week pretty full but it was really good stuff. We finally got to meet our new niece, we attended our church’s prayer meeting, we had our date night, I wrote a ginormous article and washed the kitchen floor. Yes, it was definitely full. But here I am looking at the end of the month and I’m freaking out just a bit. There is so much I want to do to get the house spring cleaned, so much that really needs to be done, and I’m afraid that I won’t have the time. Guess that’s what late nights are for?

What are you up to this weekend? I’m baking a Daffodil Cake to take to our Easter celebration with my parents. It’s basically a lime angel food cake so my mixer is going to take a beating (haha!). So that’s exciting, plus all of the classic dishes I grew up eating on Easter. Pickled eggs, roasted herb potatoes, lamb and mint jelly, it’s going to be delicious! Otherwise, it’s just another weekend at the Watkins, cake and housework.

Playing at our house

Spring at IKEA

Pastel eggs

Botanical art

Weekend worthy fare

Cozy and neutral

These in pink

Have a good one!

Image via Mauvais Gout

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