Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Oh Friday, why did you take so long? This week was a doozy. Crazy weather had my week all messed up, trying to stay dry. Also, some kitty issues evolved into a vet visit and now poor Charlie is shut up in the dining room for a week. ALSO, we have my sister-in-law and toddler niece staying with us this weekend! So that meant some deep house cleaning and toddler proofing. And now it’s Friday and I’m tired you guys!

What are you doing this weekend? Since we have family staying, I’m not quite sure what all is going to happen. We’re having dinner at the Watkins tonight and we’re going to my sister’s choir concert tomorrow night. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to relaxing, diving into the new Father Brown season and putting another cake on the cake plate.

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Have a good one!

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  1. That home! no words.

    It’s so dreamy!!!!!

    1. curlyhair23

      Right?? Taking design notes!

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