Quick Tip: Centerpiece

Decorating flat surfaces has been rather difficult for me. We use our surfaces hard. Sunday night pizza on the couch in front of a British mystery show. Game nights with friends at the dining room table. Cake baking across the kitchen island. For a while it was easier to decorate them extremely simply or not at all since we usually clear it away to make room for other things anyway. But then I found a trick that allows me to make our flat surfaces look pretty and allow for a quick clear when it’s time to play Clue.

Get yourself a nice big tray to put everything on! Duh moment, right? Candles, plants, jars, flowers, whatever you want to decorate with. A tray corralls it all together and you can just pick it all up and off the surface when you need the flat space. Suddenly all the decorating is possible. For a while I used a square wooden decorative tray and when spring came around, I stole this pink floral tray from the kitchen. Use a wooden cutting board, a patterned platter or even a vintage silver serving tray. It will give you something pretty to look at on your coffee table or dining room table while you aren’t gaming or crafting.

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