My Dream Garden

Have you figured out that I’m so excited about gardening yet? I feel like I talk about it all the time but it’s becoming my new hobby! Right now, our yard won’t accomodate a large garden so I have two raised beds, a little room for expansion and lots of garden dreams. Here’s some of my inspiration.

Currently my raised beds are filled with veggies and strawberries. However, I so want to incorporate flowers as well as a couple berry bushes. Send over all your companion planting tips.

I have this thing for pea gravel paths… blame all the period dramas. Someday I hope to have a large garden with pea gravel paths in between the beds.

My mom has the most beautiful flowers and as long as I can remember, she’s been cutting them and sharing them with grandparents, friends and now me! I would love to have a cutting garden of my own.

There is something so charming about a yard that has that secret garden feel to it. While we have a patio now, I would love to have a little hideaway nook when we have a larger backyard. The perfect spot to read in peace.

It was such a wonderful feeling last summer to bring in tomatoes and cucumbers, fresh off the vine, and throw them in a salad. Ultimately, I want to continue growing, improving and experimenting with my garden to provide us all kinds of good things to eat!

This year I have a few plans to improve my garden. Last year my cucumber took over one bed and spilled into the yard so this year I’m going to put it on a trellis and hopefully we won’t lose so many to the mower/rot. Also, I have some issues with slugs in the strawberries. I think I found a good solution though and I’m considering filling the hosta bed under the lilac with gravel because that’s where they live. I plan on getting a birdbath to put near the garden so hopefully the winged friends will keep the other pests at bay and I’m going to find a giant pot to plant some herbs in on our patio. Oh, and I really really want to put lavender someplace by the garden or patio because I love that stuff. I think after this summer, I’ll be looking into adding more raised beds and making that corner of the yard my little paradise.

So that’s where my head’s at right now. I’m so excited to get out there again and especially for all the strawberry things I’m going to make! Get ready for strawberry recipes!

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