Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Morning! How was everyone’s week? Mine was pretty great. I checked a few things off the to do list that I’d been putting off, a beautiful giant basket arrived in the mail for our almost finished bathroom, we ate bacon, I painted with watercolors and made cookies, need I go on? Also, today Charlie gets to come out of confinement! My pet mama heart is rejoicing. And to top it all off, it finally feels like spring! There is simple glory in white curtains blowing in the breeze and sunshine warming the kitchen floor. Soon enough, we will have lilacs!

This weekend we’re all house projects and parties. Tonight we’re hanging out with our small group. Tomorrow we’re having a couple guests for dinner. Sunday is cake baking and laying around the house. In between, Dearest Carl will be putting in a few more hours on the bathroom and I’m going to be doing some spring cleaning. Not gonna lie, the dust bunnies are a little out of control… What are you up to this weekend?

Forever young

Please and thank you

Prettiest English home

Free flower wall art

Wanting one of these

Creating a staycation

Have a good one!

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