What We're Eating

What We’re Eating

Morning! How was your weekend? We had lots of fun over here! Dearest Carl was able to grout like seventy percent of the shower before he ran out and we had to get more, but it’s looking awesome! I got most of our downstairs cleaned and tidied, windows open the whole time. Charlie enjoyed snuggling with us whenever either of us sat down. And we ate lots of pizza and hung out with friends. Basically the perfect weekend, even if my cake didn’t turn out. (P.S. Always make sure you’re using the right pan before you pour the batter.)

Along with the leftover pizza, I’m quite looking forward to this week’s menu. Even though it’s supposed to cool off a bit, I couldn’t wait one more week to grill out. Dearest Carl makes THE best burgers and it’s just really time. Also, I’ve been craving tuna salad lately so I plan on making a big batch and eating those wraps all week which will balance out all the girl time treats. It’s gonna be a good week.

Monday: Tuna Wraps and Veggies
Tuesday: In The Pantry
Wednesday: Breakfast Sandwiches and Fruit
Thursday: Burgers and Fries
Friday: Pizza before we head out of town for the weekend

What’s coming out of your kitchen this week??

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