Homemade All Purpose Spray

Please forgive me for my lateness to this game. If you’re already a believer, you can skip this post and have a nice day! But it’s time for me to talk about Dr. Bronner.

Since I’ve been cleaning a home of my own, I’ve heard about Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. You’ve probably heard of it too. It’s a common ingredient of so many of the natural cleaning solutions. The ones where I kinda nod and yeah and moving on. In February, we had an issue with the cat and when I decided I needed a solution to help keep him off my kitchen counter, I remembered that Dr. Bronner had a peppermint soap. Since kitties don’t like that smell, I decided to make a countertop spray to hopefully deter flufferface from counter snooping in the wee hours (wee hours because he knows he’s not supposed to so obviously he does when we’re asleep! Stinkface.). Thankfully the Meijer and Target near us carry it so a bottle was just a grocery trip away. When I got home, I used the directions on the label to make their all purpose spray. Almost every night, I spray down my counters and wipe them with a warm washcloth. And it basically worked as long as I don’t leave anything too tempting out… like a bag of marshmallows…

As I’ve been using it, it got me curious about the other mixtures on the label. So I washed my floors with it too. Just hot water and soap and the house was pepperminty fresh. There are also mixtures for laundry, shampoo and even pet soap!

Now here’s why I’m sold on Dr. Bronner’s. One, it was only $12 from Meijer. Two, I’ve had it for two and a half months and I’ve hardly used any! Three, I can use it for basically anything! Four, it smells amazing! Checking off that many boxes, I think I’m going to be a Dr. Bronner user for many years to come.

Do you use Dr. Bronner’s? What’s your favorite solution?

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  1. How interesting!!! this is so cool! I need to get my hands on some of this soon=)

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