Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Hey guys! How was your week? I hope it treated you well. Mine was full of all kinds of good things. I had lunch with my sister which always involves going someplace to smell candles and inevitably buying one. My dad brought me flowers and my husband brought me ice cream. I spent all yesterday outside, weeding beds and doing some general yard maintenance. The cat was crazy snuggly all week and there was plenty of iced coffee to be had. It was wonderfully productive and it was so nice to spend a good bit of time outside!

This weekend is rather up in the air. Tonight Dearest Carl and I are having a little date night at home with a fast food dinner, hopefully including cheese curds, and grabbing The Post from Redbox. So far we don’t really have any plans Saturday but that can change pretty quick. Since we have a pitch in at church on Sunday evening, I’m making the Banana Cake again (the most raved about cake thus far) to take for that. What are you up to?

A girl in a yellow dress

Home decor capsule

All the strawberries

Daily planner pad

Spring refresh ideas

Bohemian Minimal

Take me away

Have a good one!

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