The Watkins At Home In May

Hey guys! I know I kinda blipped out on you this month but I couldn’t leave you hanging on what happened. We’re looking at the back of a very busy month and it was necessary. Here’s what went down.


We’re basically done with the upstairs bathroom! Dearest Carl put the floor down last weekend and he’s been painting trim like a maniac since. I’m hoping to start styling it out next week! I promise to take pictures. I’ve also been doing some watercolors this month. I cut the pages I bought into quarters and having a smaller canvas motivates me to paint a little more. A small page is not so daunting and it doesn’t take long, both big reasons to take a watercolor timeout for fifteen minutes. I find myself actually wanting to on weekends! Currently I’m just copying other artists I like, trying to learn the techniques but I feel like I’m getting better. The picture above is inspired by this one from Gracelaced. I’m not an artist so I’ll never be that good but honestly I’m okay with that.


Cakes were good this month. Can you believe I’m 21 in?? I made a Double Dip Caramel Cake for Mother’s Day and it might be one of my favorites yet. A couple I made used rhubarb which was new for me and I was pleasantly surprised with the results, considering I didn’t like rhubarb as a kid. Also, last week’s cake came in the form of cupcakes for my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower and they were a hit with everyone. Plus I made this quick cake with the strawberries from our garden because apparently I bake on Sundays now, even when I don’t have to.

In other news, I bought this cookbook this month. All the recipes start with everyday ingredients and are quite simple to make. Also, there is a picture for each recipe which definitely helps my husband who complains that there are not enough pictures in menus when we go out. I made one recipe from it already and have booked marked basically the whole book.


Let’s see, this month. I’ve been watching Friends for the first time and I’m obsessed. The theme song plays in my head repeatedly. I haven’t had tons of time for reading but I’ve been slowly enjoying my Domino book. This month we hosted Mother’s Day; lasagna, baby snuggling, brother hugging, 30ish people scattered around our house. Also there was my sister-in-law’s Princess Bride Bridal Shower that I hosted, complete with Malted Milk Chocolate Cupcakes and giant “As You Wish” banner. We went camping with our small group at Clifty Falls and had some fun casual hang outs the rest of the month. The garden is in and we have two tomato plants, a pepper plant and cucumber. And my strawberries are giving me bowlfuls by the day! We found a tiny abandoned kitten in our shed. She went to some friends who know how to foster kittens and I’m hoping Dearest Carl will let me bring her back when she’s big enough. Also, we had a fertility related appointment this week, did some tests and in a week, we should know if we need to make some big decisions or if we can keep chugging along.

Okay, so why did I disappear for a bit? I feel like I should try to explain. So many thoughts and feelings about it. One, since we had such a crazy month, I was looking at my life, wondering what I could quit or pause that would help me gain more time and be less stressed. Blogging was the answer. Since I don’t get paid for it and get very little feedback, I figured it was the obvious thing to let go for a while.

Two, I’ve been in a bad place emotionally for the last few months and blogging has felt like a fake me. In truth, I’ve been uninspired, pessimistic and just down, making blogging more of a chore instead of an enjoyable hobby. So I decided to take a break… and I’m still taking a break. If you follow me in Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve started participating in #thegoodlist. Founded by Erin Loechner, it’s a simple way to look for and be thankful for the little things. It reminds me of One Thousand Gifts. And that’s what I need to do right now. Instead of dwelling on all the crappy stuff in my life, I need to focus on God and all His little gifts. Daily gifts. The ones we breathe through and don’t even notice. I’ve been doing it for a month and honestly it’s helping.

So I’m taking a break here. I’m not sure how long. Maybe just another month, maybe the whole summer. I don’t feel the need to give up blogging entirely and I don’t think I will. I’ll probably pop on when I have something to say or share (like our finished bathroom!). But it’s time to breathe, rest and revel in this slipping away life. Thanks for understanding!

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