The Watkins At Home In June

How are we already saying goodbye to June? This month flew by. Granted, I feel like I was in a fog for half of it. We were super busy and the yard looks like a jungle because we’ve not had the time to mow. So much to do this week… But here’s a recap of the month.


Attention everyone! The bathroom is done! I repeat! THE TWO YEAR BATHROOM PROJECT IS DONE!!!!!! I’m so so excited to share it with you. We’re leaving this weekend for vacation so I didn’t get the chance to style and photograph but I will get to it! It’s so amazing. Dearest Carl is so incredibly talented. Also, I’m really loving this crate I bought to store my essential oils. It’s amazing how a small vintage touch can really help round out a room.


This month I made all the berry cakes. Unfortunately it was too hot for my own strawberries so no cake from the garden but everything was still delicious. Especially that Berry Long Cake with Ginger Crumb, pictured above. One of my favorites to make was the Blitz Torte I made for Father’s Day. It was so summery and rustic and it turned out pretty good, even if the cake was a smidge dry. It proved to me that I can indeed make meringue. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I’m half way through my 2018 Cake Challenge this weekend! I’ll write a post all about it when I get back from vacation.

Otherwise, there hasn’t been much in particular coming out of the kitchen. We grilled a couple times. I made mac n cheese with brie. It was a pretty chill month.


A couple things happened here this month. One, Charlie has been in our family for four years! This year has been a long road for this guy, trying to improve his health and fix some issues but we’re getting there and he seems so much happier for it! The garden is doing okay. As I said, the strawberries are done. My tomatoes have blight… I’m hoping I caught it soon enough and it won’t effect them too badly but we’ll see. My cucumber has blooms and all the recent rain has it trailing across the grass. I’m getting it up on a trellis this week. Also, I’m really enjoying my little pot of herbs! I’ve been out several times to pick them and just the smell is therapeutic. Currently I’m listening to Spotify’s Happy Folk playlist aaaaaaaallll the time. We’ve also started watching season 4 of Poldark. Basically our favorite show. If you’ve never seen it, the first three seasons are available on Amazon Prime. I haven’t read much this month because I started playing Skyrim and I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’m totally addicted. I mean, fighting dragons, looting caves, keeping the realm safe from thieves and vampires, why wouldn’t you want to play all the time?

This week we’ve been getting ready for vacation! We leave tomorrow for week jaunt to Gatlinburg. We’re staying with my sister-in-law and her family this weekend and then we’ll spend a couple days with my parents next week. I’m looking forward to all the hiking and reading and treating we’ll have. I so need this vacation. And don’t worry. Charlie gets to hang out with my brother-in-law so he won’t mind a bit that we’re not here.

Even with all the good things, June was a rough month for me. Emotionally and mentally, smiling was a struggle. But here’s to new months, good rests and getting things back on track.

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