The Red Dress

This past weekend, Dearest Carl’s twin got married. An opportunity to celebrate in a pretty dress. Since Dearest Carl was in the wedding, I knew my dress would have to be red to get the matchy picture above. So online I went to all the stores I knew. Red is hard to find in the summer. Luckily I found the red dress above at Forever21, even on sale. Mermaid cut with a V in the back, it was different than anything else in my closet. I ordered it, it came, I tried it on. Guys, I haven’t been so excited about a piece of clothing since my wedding dress almost six years ago. Somehow that red dress made me feel like a confident, beautiful woman, filling in all those gaps I’m not. I wore it all day, long after everyone else had changed back into jeans and t-shirts, and I was sad to take it off.

Why am I telling you about the red dress? To remind you that just because a piece feels risky doesn’t mean it’s out of the game. If it makes you feel beautiful, wear it. If it makes you feel confident, own it. I’m not sure when I’ll get to wear my red dress again but it’s worth having in my closet, saving for that special occasion. Find your red dress and create the opportunities to pull it out again and again. You are worth it.

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