Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Good morning! What day even is it? Monday felt like Sunday so by my calculations… today should be Thursday. This week I’ve had to remind myself constantly that I can only do so much and I shouldn’t feel guilty or worry about the rest. My couch covers didn’t get washed like I planned. I only just unpacked our suitcases from vacation. I managed to clean all the sheets and towels from last weekend but they’re still laying in heaps on the guest bed. This week has been about priorities. Because it’s infinitely more important to hug my husband than have the house immaculate. So bare minimum it is sometimes. However there was Shrimp Boil and iced coffee and I completed the “must happen” things.

Today I’m making my weekend cake and then we’re headed up to Chicago to hang out with the nieces and nephews some more. Maybe I’ll get some time to read and maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll get enough sleep and maybe I won’t. But there will be laughter and hugs and fun no matter what. What are you doing this weekend?

Chicago Chicago

Sweet old house

Perfectly summery


All the nostalgia

Summer date night

Have a good one!

Image via Jeff Rose Photography

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