Upstairs Bath Reveal

Isn’t this the post we’ve all been waiting for? Finally I was able to get my bathroom together and take some pictures for you! It’s been a while since the last reveal but we’re slow with our projects around here. Here’s the scoop.

First off, below is a before picture.

I only have one photo but what you’re looking at is the upstairs bathroom with a bulky shower to the right, the toilet hidden at the very back, and the sink behind you. Not a very good arrangement. We knew when we moved in that we were going to change it but when we tore out the living room two years ago, the bathroom had to go to since the pipes were run through the joists in the floor. Two years of traipsing downstairs to shower or get water or whatever. And now we’re done and we can finally close the chapter on what was “The Two Year Bathroom Project”. Here’s what she looks like now.

Paint color: SW Grayish // Flooring // Baskets // Mirrors // Faucets // Sconces

Towel Holder // Essential Oil Box (Vintage)

Bath mats // Shower Curtain (Target, Unavailable) // Shower Tile

Such a big improvement. It makes me so happy each time I walk by! And those mirrors feel so special and perfect! We’re really enjoying having it finished and having a choice to do other things in the evening besides house projects. Cause I wondered if it would ever happen…

Thoughts? Now that it’s done I need something else to decorate. Maybe I can do your bathroom next?

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