My Bullet Journal: One Year Later

You guys, I’ve been keeping a bullet journal for a year now! I came across an old Facebook post that marked the occasion. In an effort to help my mom, the ultimate list maker, I researched up on bullet journals and had her over for coffee and a lesson. We had fun markers and patterned washi tape and matching journals. I don’t know if she continued but I kept at it for a year.

For a year, I’ve had such fun finding bujo inspiration on social media. At the end of the month, I would sit down one evening at my desk, spread out my supplies and create my pages for the upcoming month, candle lit and music playing. It was therapeutic. But lately, I’ve had trouble finding the time to keep up with it and I realized something. The pages I’ve been creating that help me the most are basically the pages you’d find in a planner. Yup. I’ve been doing it the hard way.

On a girls shopping trip a couple weeks ago, my sister-in-law held up this pretty planner to me. I flipped through it and discovered a monthly task page plus a monthly calendar plus pages of daily lists. It was perfect. At $10, it came home with me. It’s one of those 18 month planners so rather than create the August pages in my bujo, I’m transferring things to this pretty lady. And thanks to Norah’s planner inspiration (another IG lady that I like to pretend we’re besties), I’m incorporating all my markers and washi tape into my pages! (Watch out sticker world!) I’m excited because I think it will work just as well as my bujo has been but I won’t need to take as much time to put it together. Efficiency, productivity and creativity all in one floral package. So with a little sadness, I say goodbye to my bujo. It’s been real. It’s been fun. Don’t miss me too much.

What is your favorite place to find planner pretties? Any planner tricks I should know about?

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