Resolutions Quarterly

Yes, I think I skipped one of my quarterly updates for my resolutions… but oh well. What else can you say? I’m updating it now. Here’s how I’m doing.

Read: No matter how much I read, my stack always grows faster than I can keep up. I’ve read nine books this year so far and I’m currently starting into At The Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen. Dearest Carl has expressed a wish to read more as well so we’re going to try to encourage each other towards that goal.

Drink More Water: I was doing great at this at the beginning of the summer and then vacation hit and it all went downhill. My body definitely consumed more coffee, Dr. Pepper and margaritas in July than water. But in August, I got this hankering for lemon water and so I’ve been keeping a pitcher in my fridge lately. Let me tell you, it has reformed my drinking habits. Who wouldn’t go for the fresh cold lemony water over soda pop?

Travel: Sitting here at the end of summer, I can say that I definitely feel like we’ve traveled our share this year. Vacation to Tennessee, a second weekend in Chicago, a week at Lincoln State Park and a fun day trip to Cincinnati for our anniversary. It was a great mix of old haunts and new experiences for us but I think our cat is quite ready to have us home now.

Cakes: You guys… I’m pleased to report that even though July and August were basically a blur, I have kept up with my cake challenge! As of today, I have made 35 cakes this year, the vast majority of them from my Vintage Cakes cookbook. It’s so cool to flip through that book now and reminisce on all my bakes. I’ve learned so much and I gotta say I’m busting my buttons that I’ve been able to keep up, even with such a crazy summer.

There you have it! Ups and downs and in betweens. At the moment, I’m quite happy with where I am concerning these goals and I feel like I’ll be able to improve through the end of the year too. So I should say we’ve hit the sweet spot.

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