Placed On Purpose

My nephew loves animals. At 7 years old, he knows more about them than I ever have. We went to the zoo when they stayed with us a few weeks ago and I learned that African elephants have large ears to help keep them cool and the lines on a cheetah’s face act as sunglasses in the bright sun. And I thought to myself “God designed such an amazing world, down to the last detail.”

At home, we watched Planet Earth II. If you’ve never seen it, you should watch it. The sweeping soundtrack against beautiful landscapes make a mesmerizing show. And the animals of course. Did you know that Antarctic penguin parents take turns watching their babies and going to eat? Somehow they know to come back and protect their babies so the other parent can go eat their fill. Did you know that Birds of Paradise clear all the leaves in a patch of sun so their own bright green feathers will well stand out to attract a mate? Somehow they know that those leaves are the same color. Did you know that a Glass Frog will attempt to protect its eggs from wasps even at the expense of his life? Somehow they know that their own bodies make a good decoy.

How do they know? Did they just learn to solve the problem themselves? I doubt it. Animals don’t have the brain power of people which means these behaviors are somehow ingrained in them. They just know what they are supposed to do with what is in front of them and they don’t ask why. And I thought to myself “God designed such an amazing world, down to the last detail.”

And I thought about me. I ask why every day. Why have I had to wait five years for the thing my heart wants most? Why don’t we have more couples like us in our immediate community? Why is our cracked old house filled with so many hidden problems? Why is life so hard and dry sometimes?

I need to learn from my nephew and all these amazing creatures. I need to see the wonder right here and now. I need to focus on what is right in front of me because just like God taught the penguin parents to swap tasks, He’s placed me here for a purpose. I don’t need to know why, I just need to be faithful with this right now life. Not always wishing for the imagined life in my head.

Image via We Heart It

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