Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

From one introvert to another, do you ever regret your introvert tendencies? Here’s why I ask. Last weekend while Dearest Carl and I were off on our anniversary getaway in Cincinnati, I saw this girl wearing the most adorable chambray palazzo pants. They looked so comfy and chic and perfect for the Fall months ahead. But instead of walking up and asking her where she got them, I just watched her walk away. Now I can’t find any that I like and I’m seriously regretting that I didn’t just ask! She looked perfectly friendly and we probably would have been chambray besties afterwards… *sigh* Oh well. How was your week? Ours wasn’t too bad. We went through our version of Flea Extermination this week. (Now I want a robotic vacuum cleaner…) But there were also babies to hold and coffee to drink and books to read so it wasn’t unbearable.

This weekend I’m taking The Nester’s Fall Class and getting out all my Fall decor. It’s supposed to be cool and rainy all weekend which means all the homemade lattes and pumpkin cookies. And I’m also making a pear cake. These weekends at home are so good for my soul! What are you up to?

Kings of bliss


Love this kitchen

10 questions

Bring. It.


September tech

Have a good one!

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