Date Night

The Date Jar

Do you guys ever get stuck in a date night rut? Over the summer we discovered the beauty of fast food for date night. Instead of blowing our whole date budget by going to dinner at a fancier place, we would grab burgers and cheese curds from Culvers and maybe a Redbox movie a couple times a month. While there isn’t anything wrong with that, it’s become rather a date night rut. It’s so easy to opt for date night at home when you’re tired and you’ve been busy and gone all week… And lately I’ve been wanting something a little different.

A while back I made this Date Jar to help inspire us to get out of an Olive Garden date night rut. Some things I thought up myself, some of them I got from Pinterest, it doesn’t really matter. There is one dinner and a movie date night card in there. The rest are different things of varying price like attending a play or simply going for a walk. Ideas that I felt like would help us connect as a couple.

To help you get out of your date night rut, I’ve put together cards for your own Date Jar! Yes, you provide the jar and I’ll provide the cards. I even left a few blank for your own ideas. Click below to download the free Date Jar Cards!

Date Jar Cards Printable

All you do is cut up the cards and fill an empty jar (or basket, or bowl, or paper bag, whatever) with them. You can decorate your jar or not. You can print the cards on pretty paper or not. The effort involved is up to you. Then, when it’s time for date night, take turns with your spouse picking a card from the jar. I hope that they will inspire you to have fun together instead of just dinner and a movie. Put that card at the bottom. 😉

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