Resetting Your Home For Fall In A Week

For me, seasons are marked from a meteorological perspective. That means Fall begins September 1st. Yes, it usually still feels like summer outside but in my head, it’s officially okay to drink a PSL and post a pumpkin on Instagram. Like any season though, I enjoy falling in slow. Savoring every little good thing. Especially in decorating our home. (Sans Christmas. My tree MUST be put up the day after Thanksgiving. Non negotiable.) For me, it’s helpful to have a little white space in between the seasons. Clearing surfaces, putting away color and those seasonal touches. It gives me vision for the feel I want to create for the next season. So here at the beginning of Fall, I’ve done just that. And I thought I should share the process with you.

Most of the time I get my seasonal switch done in a day or two so this week long process is a dream of mine. If I had the time to do it the way I wanted, this would be it. But hopefully it will at least inspire you to take it slow this year.

Monday: Put away all your summer decor. Give your eyes a break from the decor clutter. Leave your throw pillows naked, the mantle uncomfortably bare and the coffee table clear.
Tuesday: Clean baby clean. Mop floors, dust the high shelves, inhale the scent of the lemon cleaner before you say goodbye to summer. Turning up the motivational playlist and donning your tennis shoes might help you this day.
Wednesday: Light a cinnamon candle and breathe deep today. Spend some time on Pinterest, getting inspired to decorate your home for Fall. Pray about making wise purchases and creating a comfortable safe place for you and your family.
Thursday: Get outside today! Give your porch a good sweep. Clip any dead flowers out of the landscaping. Put a little organizing into the shed. Prepare your yard and garden for the cold months ahead.
Friday: Flex Day! Did you lose daylight before you could clear the yard of sticks and brush? Did you skip mopping the floors? Maybe you’ve been wanting to paint your front door. Use this day to finish any tasks that will ease your mind.
Saturday: Finally the day we’ve been waiting for! Time to get out your Fall things! First lay out all the Fall things you have stored away and decide what you want to use. Then head to the store with a list of what you’d like (I recommend JoAnn’s!). Don’t forget to pick up a Pumpkin Spice Latte while you’re out.
Sunday: You did it! Take a rest today. Invite someone over for dinner to make hot spiced cider and sit around a bonfire. Share the Fall environment you’ve made with someone you love.

I realize that some people think that’s too early for Fall to begin. I live with one of them. For some, Fall begins September 22nd. So if you’re waiting on that PSL, go ahead and savor your last summer days! File this post away for the day you’re ready to say hello to Autumn. But you’ll have to excuse me while I go filling my IG feed with pumpkins.

Image via Plume Calligraphy

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