Devotionals For Your Heart

Growing up, it seemed my mother always had some devotional sitting atop her Bible. Early mornings found her at the kitchen table or on the porch swing, coffee in hand, reading the scripture and finding encouragement from like minds. Since devotionals were common in my upbringing, it’s not surprising that devotionals found their way into my own Bible study time. There are a few in particular that have become my default and lately, I’ve noticed that I pick up particular ones at certain times. When I’m feeling beat down or when I’m feeling dry or when I’m happy, these four devotionals seem to fit all those seasons for me. Since they certainly make my morning time with the Lord sweeter, I thought maybe they could help you too.

When You Need To Refocus:

I first read Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, early in my marriage and it shook me. Somehow I’d gotten into a rut of complaining, discontent and depression. But reading her book really helped me refocus on the good things in my life, no matter how small, and how important it is to be thankful for all of them. Her One Thousand Gifts Devotional is perfect for those times when you just need to get back to basics. The eucharisteo. The thankfulness. Each devotion is about a 10 minute read and has a prayer prompt at the end. I like to pair it with whatever I’m reading in my Bible at the moment.

When You Need To Be Understood:

This book. Gracelaced came to me at a much needed time earlier this year. Ruth journeys through the emotions that permeate our lives and reminds us that God cares even when we’re sad or angry. He desires to be personal with us, no matter what we’re feeling on what day. Devotions are easy to read and she does have verses attached to each. Plus her beautiful art throughout!

When You Need Everyday Encouragement:

Are you thinking that you’re good where you are? This is the devotional for you. Shauna focuses on the ordinary life in her Savor devotional. Each one is quite short and encourages you to minister to your husband, your kids, your family, your friends, the people you see every day. She also includes some delicious recipes because there is nothing like warm biscuits to get people talking deep.

When You Need Some Biblical Nourishment:

A friend introduced me to She Reads Truth several years ago and it’s one I go back to again and again. These wonderful ladies have Bible study after Bible study made available on their website. Each devotional has a good chunk of scripture and then a short read to get you thinking, maybe a half hour read in all. You can find each study on the website for free and sign up to have the daily devotions emailed to you. If you like, you can purchase their study books that include the daily readings, recipes, projects and beautiful art or photography. It’s a wonderful resource when you’re wanting to get back in the habit of just reading your Bible every day.

I do realize that we don’t need devotionals to complete our daily time with God. The Bible certainly provides enough. But sometimes it’s helpful to have someone else’s view on what’s going on in our lives today and often they can direct us to a particular piece of Biblical encouragement that we may not have found otherwise. I hope that if and when you try these, they will nourish you as they have me!

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