The Watkins At Home In September

As we’re looking at the end of September, I can actually say that I’m ready to put it behind me. This was kinda a hard month over here so it doesn’t bother me at all to say “Goodbye September!” Even if it is the prettiest sounding month. Here’s the lowdown.


This month Dearest Carl and I stuck to simple projects. I pulled out the cleaning routine that I put together a couple years ago and got back into the swing of that. Having a plan certainly helps me keep up! Also, I only waited a week into the month and I pulled all my pumpkins out. Fall is my favorite… can you blame me?

Dearest Carl did the font on the gorgeous chalkboard sign above! I tried but I’m just not artsy enough so he stepped in and made it a thing of beauty. I’m so glad to finally have it back up in my living room. Also, Dearest Carl, with the help of a couple guys, finally built our patio pergola last weekend!!! It’s been a few years in coming and it’s so so nice to have that crossed off the list. Why don’t I have a picture of that? Cause it’s not styled out yet so you’ll just have to be patient.  But trust me, it’s amazing.


The cakes this month have been hit and miss. The first week I made this Chocolate Lovelight Cake that, while it tasted good, it completely fell apart on me and looked terrible. The next week I made the Ozark Pear Pudding Cake above. While I wasn’t the biggest fan, our Monday night small group said it was great and it was indeed pretty. The next week though, I made a Watergate Cake with Impeachment Frosting and OMG it was the best thing. I don’t super love pistachios but this had pistachio pudding in the cake and the icing and it was moist and flavorful and amazing. Definitely putting that on my favorites list.

Even though most of the month was boiling hot, I was able to sneak in a little soup. One night it was a Chinese Noodle Soup because I have the noodles and another it was a spontaneous Chicken Noodle Soup to feed our colds. We also dipped into the homemade tomato soup I made earlier this summer.

One last thing. I found this cocktail and I’m obsessed. It’s gingery and tart and perfect to sip on with this cooler weather.


We started September with a little road trip! Since our anniversary is the Sept. 1st, Dearest Carl swept me away for an overnight in Cincinnati. It was exactly what we needed. Just one night away in a hotel overlooking the river where there are no dishes or laundry or to do list and you can just snuggle and talk and relax. We spent our anniversary traipsing around the Newport Aquarium, Jungle Jim’s, Barnes and Noble and finished with dinner at our favorite place, The Melting Pot. Coffee, books, travel, cheese, togetherness… he certainly made this the best anniversary yet.

Okay, I mentioned hard stuff. First, Dearest Carl’s grandfather died early in the month (only a month and a half after his grandmother). All the arrangements went well and while it was nice to be together again, it was also really hard. Second, we had another fertility related appointment and results were not what we wanted to see. We talked to a rather stumped doctor, heard the phrase “IVF”, balked at the numbers, changed the meds and came home rather deflated. While we’re not out of options yet, it’s disappointing that there is no improvement. So we go back in December to see if the new meds are working. Third, we both came down with pretty nasty head colds this month, leaving us coughing constantly and going through tissues like there’s no tomorrow. While it’s nothing lethal, you know how hard it is to continue with all your responsibilities when you can’t run on full energy, both mentally and physically. So ready to breathe clearly again.

In other news, we both expressed a wish to watch less and read more. So this month I read this book and this book. Dearest Carl is reading something by Dave Ramsey. We started watching the Harry Potter series again and it’s a fun weekend thing to look forward to. I went to this new bar with two girlfriends and we felt like super adults in our heels and lipstick with our cocktails. My grandmother took my sisters and I to see The Lion King (which was so wonderful) and I tagged along with two sisters-in-law to see the Chicago family last weekend which meant lots of soccer and burgers. This weekend we’re going camping with some in-laws in Ohio and attending their Renaissance Fair.

In all, it wasn’t a terrible month. Fun happened, growth happened, togetherness happened. Now I’m ready to jump both feet first into Autumn with all it’s appley treats, cozy sweaters and Fall events!

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