Dressing Like A Plus Size French Girl

If you’ve ever talked to me about fashion, you’ve heard my spiel. Being a plus size lady, nothing infuriates me quicker than going shopping for clothing. Just about every place you go, sizes for ladies like me are either styled for much older women, a selection of about two small racks or completely nonexistent. It’s hard to shop when there’s an X after the number! And since our society raves about embracing your body no matter what size, why don’t stores follow suit and give us more options?? I don’t understand. Spiel done.

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This past week I came across yet another article about French fashion. Being minimal, versatile, effortless and ladylike, it’s understandable that we’re a little bit obsessed. But how many of these articles showcase these skinny girls in striped shirts? Virtually all of them. I started wondering, is there a way to embrace French fashion when you’re plus size? Obviously the answer is yes… you just have to look a little harder. Let’s talk about French fashion.

The classic fashion style is based around dual tone pieces, giving you an instant capsule wardrobe. Tailored cuts accentuate the ladylike curves and fun pieces with pleats and frills are totally acceptable. If you’re wanting a pop of color, blues are the go to. Add a splash of perfume and a swipe of red lipstick and you’re ready to go.

To end on a positive note, there is hope for plus size fashion. I hear about companies expanding their sizes every day so someday, we may just have the options we want! For me, I’m waiting on Lauren Conrad in 3X.

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