Fall Things In My Small Town

Fall is my favorite. I know I talk so much about soup and cider, bonfires and boots, candles and camping. I can’t help it! But we’ve lived in our old house in this small Indiana town for four years and this year, for some reason, I’ve noticed some other things. The little things that you only really notice with time.

I love the tree on the corner. Weather cools and its leaves burst into bright red flame like clockwork. From the bedroom window, I can hardly tear my eyes away. Swathed in morning light, it’s branches full of fire put the rest of the trees to shame. It’s leaves will decorate the street for a month.

I love the last trip to the local ice cream spot. Once a bustling place of soccer teams, neighbors, dogs and friends now quiets to the occasional sweet tooth seeker. Bits of pumpkin pie swirled in vanilla cream taste like Summer and Autumn together. Transition perfection.

I love the high school football games. Behind our house, we can see the bright flood lights shining on the field, stands packed with fans, bleeding red and white. Dragons roar on the green and the crowd cheers loud. The town signs celebrate the win all week.

I love the cornfields. Riding any direction will take you rolling by one, at least. Their dried leaves rustle and clack in the chilling wind. Sometimes a tractor in green will roll slowly down the road. And when the tall stalks are felled, the misty view takes breath away.

I love this small town, especially in the Fall. And I’m so thankful to live here, cozy in our fixer upper, with my husband and my cat. Watching the seasons change, taking it all in, enjoying one after another.

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