Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Good morning! The sun came up soft and pink here, lighting up that red tree across the street. It bodes to be a good day! What have you been up to this week? Dearest Carl and I started a 14 day stint of the Ketogenic Diet on Monday so I’ve been cooking like a madwoman and trying not to think about ice cream. But we’ve found some delicious recipes and I used the diet as an excuse to buy a whole duck from Aldi the other day. So I can’t say we’re starving. I’ll bare all in my end of the month post!

We’re finally looking at a slow weekend ahead. Only one thing on the calendar and two projects to complete! The cat has been uber snuggly since the change in weather so I imagine any movie watching or game playing will have him on our laps. Fam snuggles, hot coffee, Harry Potter, I’m a sucker for weekends like these.

Not the roses

Wreath hanging

Soup pot fodder

Say yes

Elegant Halloween

Color palette

Friendship first

Have a good one!


    1. curlyhair23

      Yum!! Sounds delish! Thanks for sharing Lindsay!

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