IKEA Sofa Review

Almost a year and a half go, we bought our first piece of real grownup furniture. A brand new sectional sofa from IKEA. Okay I suppose that classifying anything from IKEA as “grownup” is debatable… but we have never spent so much money on one piece of furniture before so I’ll argue. IKEA’S FARLOV Sectional came to live in our living room and now that some time has passed, I figured I should give you an update.

First let me say, I love this sofa! I had some serious specifications for a new sofa while shopping and this hit every one. Large, deep, comfy and not microfiber. But of course you need to know more than that before you buy so here’s the messy bits.

Pros: Even after a year and a half, this sofa is still hella comfy! Family, friends, kids, all have piled onto our sofa many a time and the cushions have stayed plump and welcoming.

What about the white? Yes, this couch does get dirty and you do notice after a while, but the cushion covers are very easy to remove and they wash very well. (My sister-in-law spilled coffee on one corner and after a good blot and wash, you can’t even tell!) We spot treat with a Tide Pen when needed and I wash the covers every few months. It does take me two days since you don’t want to crowd the washer and you have to let them air dry, but I’m always pleased with the results.

Cons: Being an IKEA piece, you do have to put this together. There are three separate covers for the frame and to wash them, you have to take apart the entire sofa to get them off. Obviously this wouldn’t be a problem for one of the regular sofas but it’s definitely a struggle with the sectional. I’ve only done it once because it’s such a hassle.

What about the white? While we do have a lot of people come through our doors, we don’t have any kids. We’ve been fortunate not to have any major spills and stains like pizza sauce or wine. I’m not sure how this pretty sofa would take those and I’m not ready to find out. I recommend having a stain guide handy so you treat each stain appropriately.

In all, this is a great sofa for us right now. It’s serves our needs well and I don’t mind a little extra upkeep. If you’re willing to wash sofa covers, it could be your perfect sofa too!

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