Our Two Weeks Of Keto

Dearest Carl and I just finished a 14 day trial of the Ketogenic Diet. I’d heard positive things about it and I thought to myself “Two weeks of cheese and champagne? I can do that.” So the two of us, along with a couple in-law siblings, tried it out. 14 days of no sugar and only 20 grams of carbs per day. Here’s what I discovered.

The Ketogenic Diet is kind of like adding a child to the family. First there is all the planning, stress, and worry. You’re researching the the results of how it affects your body. You’re scrolling Pinterest for Keto recipes. And then, you go to the store, get all the ingredients and come home like “I’m gonna slay this.” And you leap.

The first few days you feel like you haven’t left the house in months. So much cooking and preparing for all your meals plus those snacks to keep you off the potato chips. Somehow, every time you turn around, the kitchen sink is piled with dishes again. Keto, waiting to be cared for and nurtured.

Next come the tantrums. For some, your body throws a fit that you’re denying it those holy carbohydrates. Or at least mine did. Headaches, cramps, tiredness, maybe tears… two days. You’re dreaming about eating marshmallows and remembering you can’t (or at least Dearest Carl was). So you eat anything salty you can find on the Good List and slowly, your body adjusts to its new state.

After that, it’s a pretty smooth ride. You start to remember what you can and can’t eat so meal planning is easier. You might even go out to a restaurant, confident that this Keto body can smell fries and look the other way. When a surprise craving hits, you find a way to satisfy it, Keto style. You find yourself thinking less about Keto because Keto has melded into your family’s lifestyle. And you realize, you can slay this.

In all seriousness though, it was kinda fun trying the Ketogenic Diet. It was pretty expensive for us considering the limited food options and my love for cooking. Also, it’s definitely a commitment to cook a ton since there isn’t much you can buy prepared at the grocery. But I think we would say that we generally felt better the second week and I know I lost a little weight. I love how this diet counts carbs instead of calories. Meaning, you can eat as much as you want of what you can have! We ate a lot of chicken, cheese and eggs. And I cried and craved pizza over failed Keto crepes. But in the end, I showed myself that it is possible and if we ever do it long term, I feel prepared! Here are a couple of our favorite Keto recipes:

Creole Chicken and Sausage // Fathead Pizza // Fat Bombs // Cheese Crackers

Now excuse me while I go reacquaint myself with Starbucks.

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