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Disciple – noun. :one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another.

The other week, my pastor (who’s also my Dad) was talking about the importance of discipleship in the church. How, as Christians, we so need a close relationship with someone who’s a little bit ahead of us to provide example, encouragement and support for our Christian walk. Someone we can look up to that will point us to Jesus. And it got me thinking. Don’t you think that we’re all disciples, whether we like it or not?

A disciple listens to the teacher and follows them as closely as possible, radiating the lessons they learn to others in their life. In our lives, there are so many people we can look up to and learn from. It might be our boss at work. It might be Michelle Obama or Mark Zuckerberg or Emily Henderson. It might just be a few particular people we follow on Instagram. No matter what, we are leaning and learning from somebody.

So it made me think, in my conversation, do I talk more about the right way to hang curtains or more about Jesus? Does my Instagram account look like my favorite follows or point to my Savior? Do my spending habits reflect Biblical standards or Emily Henderson’s? Am I being discipled by the right person or people?

It’s caused me to pause. There is nothing wrong about making a home beautiful or losing weight or trying to be your best for your business. But who am I leaning on and learning from? It’s important to recognize and correct if need be. Don’t you think?

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