Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Such a splendid week! Those sunshiny days really boosted the mood, don’t you think? We were busy around here but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. There was a chocolate and orange flecked angel food cake that didn’t last past Monday night. There were burgers and candle smelling with my not-so-little sister. There was self care in the form of organizing and wine. There was dinner around the table with a couple friends and beef stroganoff. There were boxes full of Christmas gifts delivered on the porch. And I finally got to see the new Christopher Robin movie that was so adorable!

What are you up to this weekend? Tonight Dearest Carl and I are meeting a friend for dinner at Bluebeard and then tomorrow I’m off into the woods with a couple ladies from church for our annual Women’s Retreat. It’s always such a wonderful time of study, fellowship and rest. Who knows what Dearest Carl will get up to while I’m gone! Last year I came back to an unscheduled pantry project!

Is your heart heavy?

French girl decorating

I so want to watch this

Apple cider and bourbon

At the theater (Go see my brother-in-law as Laurie!)

Do you brine?

Tips for entertaining

Have a good one!

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