Two Ways I Break Through Writer’s Block

I am a freelance writer, among other things. Sometimes it makes me kinda sad, like when I don’t get any Christmas lunch out with the office. Sometimes it makes me so happy, like when I don’t have to go drive on snowy roads early in the morning. Sometimes it feels like my word well has run dry. I mean bone dry. Not an adjective or verb in sight. When that happens, I have two methods that help me out. Here’s what happens when writer’s block strikes.

One, I put the phone away. When the subject matter is boring or monotonous, I often keep getting distracted by random thoughts or social media or email. Rather than turning my mind and attention to the task at hand, I choose to distract myself with other stuff. In this case, apply a little drop of discipline and I’m done with the work in no time. It just takes focus and when I can realize that, the words begin to flow.

Two, I take a break and do something else. Some of the things I write are really very hard to write! I mean how much can you say about a tray ceiling?! When I’ve been writing for a while and I start to slow down, I recognize it’s time for a break. Not a Facebook break, the kind of break where you get up and go do something away from a screen. Take a walk, complete a chore, put some bread in the oven, even just fifteen minutes of another activity can help me look at the writing assignment with fresh eyes.

What do you writers do when writer’s block hits? Do you think these methods might work in other areas of life?

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