The Watkins At Home In November

November was good to us here. A little travel, a little rest, a little fun, a little work. We had our full calendar but when you have so many good things, how can you say no to any of them? Here’s our month in a nutshell.


November held a few finishing up projects. Dearest Carl began to clean out the office and finished up a wedding video for a friend. I moved some furniture around and wrapped lots of gifts for First Christmas. Several times we would look at each other and say “I’m just so tired.” You know the feeling when you’re tired of having things to do. I feel like this month gave us a smidge of rest and just enough breathing room to get some energy back.


Soooooooo many good things this month you guys! First off though, yes I’m still at a cake a week. Getting this far with my challenge is motivation enough to finish strong. And I’m deep into the three layer, covered in buttercream cakes. Other than that, I’ve been baking cookies and I made the cinnamon rolls above for Thanksgiving morning. They were absolutely delicious even if they didn’t rise an inch. Also, since we had house guests, I made a giant batch of chex mix and this mulled wine. Trust me when I say that both of these will be happening again next month for the holidays!


So much on the calendar this month. I had a couple girls nights with friends, becoming a much more common occurrence and I love it. Took my sister out to dinner for her birthday and smelled all the candles together in Anthropologie. Took my littlest sister to see The Nutcracker And The Four Realms and we agreed it was the most magical thing ever. Went with some ladies from church on a retreat where there was rest and snacks and laughter. Spent a whole Saturday in my pjs, watching movies and working on gift guides while Dearest Carl was in Tennessee. Hosted my sister-in-law, her husband and my two year old niece for the weekend that we Watkins call Thanksmas (Thanksgiving and Watkins Christmas all in one weekend). Enjoyed putting up our tree with my five year old nephew. Had my four siblings for pizza and games this week and it was so good for my soul to just hang out with them and get to know each other as adults. Like I said, full calendar.

In other news, I spent too much money on clothes this month. But these velvet block heels were calling my name so I’m naming it a holiday expense and I intend to wear them to every holiday party we have, plus Christmas Eve service. Still not through my books however I am through the one I was listening to and moved on to These My Words. I have a gallon of Blue Bell’s Christmas Cookie Ice Cream in my freezer and it’s the best. My almost nine-month-old niece gave me voluntary kisses this month and learned to wave at me so she makes me a puddle now. Tonight Dearest Carl and I are going out to see the new Fantastic Beasts movie and I’m stoked.

Now our tree is up and perfectly glowy. Advent starts on Sunday but that’s after my sister’s Christmas choir concert. Christmas is my favorite season and I’m looking forward to all the traditions we have and memories to be made.

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