Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Hey hey! How was your week? We had quite a lovely one over here. But any week that’s lit up by a Christmas tree is lovely. We had pizza with my siblings and watched our second Christmas movie of the year. I had girl time with a friend and a hair dye session with my sister-in-law. It snowed and there was Christmas coffee. And the rest of my Christmas gifts should be showing up on our porch today and tomorrow! The perfect way to see out November if you ask me.

What Christmas-y things are you up to this weekend? I have a Christmas Tea with our church ladies tomorrow morning and then we’re going to see my little sister’s choir concert. And hopefully I’ll get to meet a friend for coffee on Sunday! High time I put some miles on those velvet heels!


Farmhouse coziness

Oh Anne

Gifts you can’t wrap

Def house crush

All the ginger

Gift wrap game

Have a good one!

Image via Little Miss Sunshine

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