Spirit Led

Where Is Jesus?

Lights twinkle
Bublé croons
Snow sprinkles
But where is Jesus?

Presents pile
Under the tree
Children smile
But where is Jesus?

Anxiety swells
Bank accounts empty
Guests ring doorbells
Where is Jesus?

Nativities pushed
In the far back corners
Christianity shushed
Where is Jesus?

Silent night
Holy night
Where is the respite?
Where is Jesus?

Emmanuel reaches
Into the dark
Eternal hope He preaches
There is Jesus.

Don’t forget
Among the busy
Or feel regret
It’s all about Jesus.

The other day, I wandered into the Christmas section at Walmart and found the nativities on a small shelf, all the way in the back corner of the store. It was like warning bells sounded in my mind. Christmas is about Jesus. And if you stripped away my tree and my Christmas music and my Christmas morning sticky rolls, would I still celebrate His birth anyway? In all this hustle and bustle, where is Jesus? If He’s not there, if He’s pushed into the far back corners of my heart, I’m on the totally wrong track. Warning bells. Enjoy the lights and the music and the parties. Revel in His presence.

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