Resolutions Quarterly

It’s the last resolutions update post for the year! Spoiler alert, I’m happy with where I’m at right now! Four resolutions seemed like the perfect number. Just enough to grow but not enough to be overwhelmed. Here’s how each of them went:

Read: Nine and a half books under my belt this year. Plus, I’ve started listening to lots of audiobooks while I cook and clean so I’ve run through six of those (which Dearest Carl says counts) making a grand total of fifteen and a half books! I will say I’m quite satisfied with that goal. Here’s to lots more reading in 2019!

Drink More Water: This goal isn’t where I’d like it to be but oh well. I still drink lemon water regularly and my sister-in-law gave me a wonderful pink water bottle for Christmas that keeps your water COLD which is a major draw for me. Maybe I’ll start making other flavored waters next year.

Travel: We put some miles on the car this year. Two vacations, several trips to Chicago and Tennessee, two camping trips, an anniversary trip. I’m not sure I’d say that I feel very well traveled but I did get to go one new place this year (the Newport Aquarium in Cincy) so I’m satisfied with that! Hopefully we can keep up the traveling trend next year!

Cakes: Oh I’ve been just itching for this part. Guys, right at this moment, I have made 50 cakes this year! Well actually 52 but I’m not counting multiple cakes in one weekend. I am two cakes away from achieving my cake a week goal. ONLY TWO!!! My hand mixer has started squeaking at me in protest and my thumb has a callus from using my mixer so often. I could list a dozen skills that I’ve learned over this year of cake but the most important has probably been confidence in my own baking abilities. Cake doesn’t scare me anymore. In fact, I might just opt for cake when taking dessert someplace. I’m going to be just a bit sad to leave this challenge behind but I know that I will still bake lots, just because I can’t stop.

In all, I’m pretty good with how my goals turned out this year. Yeah, some of them need a little work but looking back, I’d say I’ve done well. How about you? Are you satisfied with your goals for 2018? What would you change? What would you wish you could have done differently?

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