How to Enjoy Putting Away Your Christmas Tree

Well, it’s all over. 363 days until we do it again. Most likely, you’re waiting to see how long until you have to do something about your tree. Whether it’s a real one or a fake one, putting away the Christmas tree is a hassle. Nobody enjoys it. Especially those of us who love Christmas time more than any other time of the year. Putting away your Christmas tree is like a goodbye. It’s a goodbye to tables laden with sweet rich food and calendars laden with many events. It’s a finishing as you put the received presents in their places and take the wrapping paper out to the recycling. And nobody likes goodbyes.

However, what if we all had a different purpose? Instead of putting away the tree because it’s a chore that has to be done, what if we put it away to usher winter into our homes? Putting away the Christmas tree can be a physical manifestation of a mindset. As you carefully pack away the ornaments and memories, we need to adopt an attitude of orderliness. We put the tree away to make space for other wintery things. A gathering around a new puzzle. A card table for game night. A new cozy reading corner. Focus on the season ahead and how you can turn the empty space into a cozy place for you and your family to enjoy as much as you did the twinkly lights. It’s not goodbye Christmas. It’s hello winter!

So let’s turn on a wintery playlist, pour out the hot cocoa and brainstorm with your family how you’ll use the corner that the tree occupies. It will make putting away your Christmas tree much more fun.

Image via All Things Shabby And Beautiful

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