Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Hey everyone! How was your Christmas? Ours was so very lovely and relaxing. It included mulled wine, Dutch Blitz, an Instant Pot from Dearest Carl, a croquet set from Grandma and sticky rolls that turned out more like sticky dumplings. Already golden in my mind. This week I’ve had the week off so I’ve been supremely lazy, watching all the BBC things on Amazon Prime and eating the Christmas treats.

Today I’m headed out on an IKEA trip with my mom, tomorrow we have a wedding, Sunday I make my last cake of the year and Monday we ring in 2019. It’s going to be a full, fun weekend! Check back Monday for The Watkins At Home In December!


Netflix Period Dramas

OMG minis

Ooooh ramen

Introvert NYE

Winter watercolors

Be patient

Have a good one!

Image via Baby Vintage

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  1. oh sounds like a lovely holiday! and that winter watercolor looks so tempting, I must grab some paints and give it a try….=)

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