The Watkins At Home In December

While some people might say that 2018 flew by, I would beg to differ. We stuffed so much into this year that it felt long… sometimes painfully so. So as we’re closing up December, here’s how things went at our house.


As you may imagine, house projects were basically nonexistent here this month. About the only thing we did with our hands was wrap gifts. But I so enjoyed all the twinkly lights around the house and how festive my sofa looks! It’s going to be a little sad to put everything away tomorrow.


Oh AAAAALLLLLLLL the baking happened this month. I’ve kept up with my cake challenge plus one extra for our church’s Staff Christmas Party. The cake above is the Eggnog Tres Leches Cake from this month’s Magnolia Journal. I also made two loaves of banana bread, a loaf of beer bread and two different types of Christmas candy plus cinnamon almonds. This past week, the crockpot has been full of mulled wine which has been so cozy to sip on during these rainy days. And I cleared out my Starbucks card completely this month (which doesn’t normally happen) but the Chestnut Praline is just the best.


Where to even begin. Being December, we had something on our calendar almost every single day this month! We had a date night at home with Christmas cocktails, went to see the Christmas lights display at the IMS, saw the new Fantastic Beasts movie, hosted the Staff Christmas party mentioned above, celebrated my little sister’s birthday, walked around the circle downtown with my family, met up with old and new friends and probably didn’t take enough photos of it all. Every single activity filled my heart in some way or another and it was just a wonderful holiday season.

This month I felt so poured into. In a season that is hard, I received all the coffee, gifts and quality time I could ever want. Thank you to everyone who made me smile this December! Especially my husband who makes me smile every day.

Also, I left my position as a freelance writer this month. It’s a good move for me and will really help me to get on top of my administrative position at my church. I’m excited for the time and opportunity this change will make!

Lastly, I’ve been pondering 2018 and the new year ahead and honestly, I’m quiet anticipating 2019! While there could be some big choices to make in our infertility journey, we’re looking at a year that will hopefully be full of more adventures, more gardening, more hosting, more baking, more reading and more investing in each other. Let me tell you, there is no one I’d rather do it with than Carl Watkins. Happy New Year to everyone!

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