5 Cakes You Need To Make Right Now

After quite a lot of flour, eggs, butter and sugar, the Cake Challenge of 2018 is over. One cake a week. Almost all of them from this book. As we wrap up the challenge, it’s fun to flip through this book and see all the things I’ve learned and the cakes I’ve made! Through it all, there are just a couple that stick out. Five especially delicious cakes that I will definitely be making again. And I think you should try them too! Because who can resist a good icing. Make these 5 cakes!

Jam Cake: Whoever decided to put jam in cake was a genius. The Vintage Cakes version uses chocolate ganache for frosting but no matter what, it’s sweet and rich and just delicious.

Banana Cake: If you only make one cake from this lineup, MAKE THIS! I want a candle that smells like this baking cake. It’s banana bread and cake put together and it’s incredible.

Almond Streamliner Cake: For those who don’t prefer the super sweet desserts, this cake is for you. A not too sweet lemon cake with a tart lemon custard on top is an absolute dream, no matter what season it is.

Lazy Daisy Oatmeal Cake: This one was the top favorite of our Monday evening small group. A heavy but moist cake, the topping is basically coconut granola. And you probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry!

Double Dip Caramel Cake: I couldn’t find any equal recipe for this cake. But if you should buy the Vintage Cakes book, definitely make this one. It’s a process from homemade caramel to homemade cake to homemade icing and worth every minute of it. Trust me, this will wow everyone you serve it to.

In all, this was such a fun challenge to do this past year! If you need a good cookbook for your cake baking, I highly recommend Vintage Cakes! Bake on!

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