Period Romance for Winter

Yes, we’re going to talk about more period pieces. Because I seriously love them and it’s my blog so I can! There are certain period pieces that fit better with certain seasons in my opinion. And since you can never have enough period romances in your life, here are four that are perfect for wintertime watching. From left to right.

Love and Friendship (Stream here): If you’re looking for a lighthearted rather silly period romance, this is it. Beautiful costumes, witty lines, devious friends and of course, Kate Beckinsale’s stellar performance.

Little Dorrit (Stream here): Get ready to fall in love with one of Charles Dickens’ sweetest characters. Little Amy Dorrit is the kind of person we all want to be. And for Matthew MacFadyen fans, he’s our main hero here.

Anna Karenina (Rent here): Wintertime is the perfect opportunity for all those snowy Russian dramas. This one is the perfect mix of tragedy, adorable little families and all the winter furs you could want.

War and Peace (Rent here): You can’t have one Leo Tolstoy epic without the other though this one has a decidedly better ending. More snow and furs with a wonderfully Russian soundtrack. And Lily James!!!

What are some other snowy period dramas that I’m missing? Can’t wait to share my spring picks with you too!

Image via IMDb

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