My Winter Decor Inspiration

It happens every year. After a season full of bright reds and rich greens and sparkly golds, I tend to take things way way back with my winter decor. The Nester says to take inspiration from what you find outside. In Indiana, that’s gray skies, brown trees and grass, and sometimes white snow. So that’s my main color scheme in my winter home. Plus my pale pinks and blues that I can’t get away from. Here’s my inspiration board for our winter home.

Along with colors, I’ve really tried to focus on how I want our home to make me (us) feel. I do a lot of candle burning, soup making and coffee drinking. This year I’m trying to indulge what few hobbies I have by reading, painting and planning my spring garden. Not to mention spending as much time as possible with the people that make me happy. When my home is so warm and comforting, I don’t mind so much that we haven’t seen the sun in days.

How is your winter home feeling these days? What colors are you decorating with? Are you trying to grow any flowers on your windowsill?

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