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Last November, I read this post about footwear for cold weather and you guys, it inspired me so hard. Here in Indiana, we have wet and cold weather from November through March and then another month of gray rainy days. So when half of my year is inclement, remind me why am I still wearing cutie booties? It’s time to change this, you guys.

These wonderful wonderful boots I bought two years ago from Amazon for our Iceland trip. Best footwear purchase ever! They are perfectly warm, dry, comfy and durable for all the snow and ice trekking around here! Looking at the spring months ahead, I really need a new pair of rain boots. I had a polkadot pair for forever that I never wore because they were tight and uncomfortable. But the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that rain boots would be perfect for spring. Gardening, puddle dodging to the grocery, going out for the mail, anything outdoors from March through May.

So now is your chance! Send me all your rain boot links!

P.S. While I’d love a pair of Hunter boots, I don’t have that kind of money so think affordable and classic.


  1. Ok, so I know you said “No Hunter boots” but I have some tips for ya! I said the same thing for like 3-4 years. Then I discovered beautiful, discounted Hunter boots on so many websites. and to name a few. You have to check continuously, but when you stumble upon the right pair in your size for 30%-60% off it’s totally worth it!!!!! Just make sure that if you order from amazon, that it’s a legit seller. For instance, I bought mine on amazon, but the seller was actually There’s lots of fakes on there, so just check into the seller, and you should be good. But I wear mine ALL THE TIME! They’re orthotic, and while they are a tad cumbersome and difficult to adjust to walking in, they are, by far, the most comfortable pair of rain boots I’ve ever worn. I would buy them again in a heartbeat. *disclaimer: I did buy them with birthday money, so that helped.
    So there’s my plug. All done now ☺️ Good luck on your boot hunt! Can’t wait to see what you end up with

    1. curlyhair23

      Thanks Lindsay! I’ll be on the lookout!

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