Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Happy February! Is it just me or does the first day of each month seem so bright and promising? All the plans and dreams for the month ahead, it’s invigorating! But let’s wrap up January first. Did anyone get time off work this past week? The freezing cold here kept Dearest Carl and I snuggled indoors for the most part… except for when Dearest Carl went to get dinner for us and his car died and I had to go save him. Fun times.

I’m quite excited about this weekend! Sunday is my birthday so I’m anticipating celebrating with family and friends all weekend long. I don’t care a jot about the Super Bowl so it’s all fun and games for me! What are you up to? Any special Super Bowl party recipes you’re looking forward to especially?

Perpetually human

Growing spices

Theology of making

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Colorful meatball soup

Living well

Have a good one!

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