My 2019 Garden Plan

I am not a gardener, you guys. I have my two little raised beds and that’s really it. But having bountiful raised beds and overflowing flower beds is a dream of mine. This year, prioritizing being one of my goals, I’ve put gardening towards the top of my list for a couple reasons.

For one, when I was really serious about my veggies two years ago, it was so therapeutic to go out every day and spend time in the sunshine. Weeding, watering, gathering, all of it was good for my mental health. Not to mention the joy of physical fruit! Since I’m trying to do what’s best for me this year, expanding my garden and spending more time in it is a priority.

Secondly, Dearest Carl and I have a beautiful patio and other than the two giant lilac bushes that came with the house, like no landscaping. Right now, I’m tired of worrying and fretting about making all my yard decisions based on selling our house someday. I want to create a beautiful yard for us now!

So here in 2019, I’m looking at all the flowers, trying to create a plan for flower beds. On the veggie side though, here’s what our garden will hopefully look like.

Currently, I have two raised beds and a trellis that make up my garden. I’ve asked Dearest Carl to build me another bed this year since my tomato bed from last year has blight. Above is hopefully what our garden will look like. One bed has all the strawberries that have done amazingly and will continue to as long as I keep ahead of the pests. The top left bed had the tomatoes last year so this year I’m trying a new vegetable, butternut squash! In between the beds is the trellis for the cucumbers which worked pretty well last year. The bottom left will be the new bed where the tomatoes will go.

This year I’m going to try to grow from seeds and I’m a little nervous about it. But it is reassuring that I should know if they’ll fail in enough time to go buy the plants at a nursery. Also, Dearest Carl is buying me a Stanley Plum tree for my birthday! She will replace one of our ash trees we had to cut down a couple years ago. And I’m trying to convince him that we definitely need raspberry bushes. TBD.

There you have it! I’m still working on a plan for flowers so I may share if I get a plan I like.

Do you garden? What are you planting this year? Any tips for starting from seed?

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