Period Romance for Spring

Spring is right around the corner! The budding trees, the blooming flowers, love and romance filling the air. However on those rainy days, you need something to watch to get you through. So grab your favorite sweater and a cup of tea and settle in for a romantic flick.

Sense and Sensibility (Stream Here): I grew up watching the Emma Thompson version of S&S and while I still enjoy it, this lovely version has wriggled it’s way into my heart. It’s so sweet and features Dan Stevens!

North and South (Stream Here): It’s like Pride and Prejudice with Richard Armitage. There is drama, there are switcheroos, there are strikes and deaths and in the end, the best period drama romantic gaze you’ve ever seen in your life.

Bright Star (Rent Here): The story of John Keats and his muse, this is a beautiful movie filled with flowers and butterflies. Literally the perfect movie for spring!

Cranford (Stream Here): If you’ve ever wanted to live in a tiny town where everyone knows everyone and teatime is sacred, Cranford is the place for you. You better watch your manners around Miss Deborah.

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