5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

Are you an Instagram fan? I don’t post often but I do love a good scroll. There are so many inspiring people in this world! In particular, there are a few accounts I gravitate towards. And they just happen to kind of be in their own categories. Lucky you! Here are my five favorite Instagram accounts!


Lifestyle – Gartur Stitch Farm – Kat seems like such a sweet soul. Even her stories are fun! She and her husband run a farm in Scotland and teach classes about bread baking and cheese making and such. Her Insta is filled with stories about her kids and their animals and their lovely small business.


Inspiration – Morgan Harper Nichols – Did you ever read something and think “That was written for me.”? I often think that to myself as I read these beautiful words from Morgan. She brightens my feed with color and hope.


Home – Brittany Robertson – Brittany is a newer follow for me and I can’t believe I haven’t been following her the whole time! Her house reminds me of my own and I love all her pink touches… plus that new puppy.


Food – Basically – Whether it’s a delicious recipe or a kitchen tip, Basically is hands down one of the best food accounts I follow. They make cooking seem so easy and accessible!


Travel – I Heart Reykjavik – I just can’t stop daydreaming about Iceland. This lovely account is run by a native who will take you with her on tours and Iceland experiences in her Stories. Who doesn’t want their Insta filled with that Icelandic goodness?

Okay, you’re turn! What is your favorite Instagram account?

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